Things You Must Include In The Rental Advertisements

Rental advertisements and great rental advertisements aren’t the same things. There are some must-haves that make great rental advertisements. However, they still are precise and short. When all essential information is included in the rental advertisements, there are better chances of getting the response from those who are really interested in occupying your property. Here are some things that must be included in the advertisement.

Of course, it is the best of all marketing ideas for apartment communities to include everything necessary in the rental advertisement. To start with, your rental advertisement must include a few quality pictures of your property. Pictures may not be required in the newspaper advertisements, but online advertisements require clear pictures to highlight your property’s best points. Many don’t even bother considering advertisements that do not have any pictures. It is advisable to use one picture, at least, of bathroom/bedrooms and the kitchen. Living area should also be shown with best images. For getting best pictures, good lighting always plays an important role.

When advertising apartments, make sure that the advertisement includes all basic specifications of your property. It gives the prospective renter an exact idea of what your property is like and what kind of amenities they can expect.

It always pays to include rent amount that you intend to charge every month in the advertisement. Range or exact price can be included depending on your level of flexibility on this point.  Besides the rent, however, you must specify the security deposit amount that will be needed for securing the rental. It should be kept in mind that there is some sort of restriction on the maximum amount that can be charged as a security deposit in many states. So, you must abide by the rules set forth by your state.

If you are advertising your rental right after receiving the notice from your current tenant then you must specify the date from which the apartment will become available.

An important thing that is not usually the part of most rental advertisements is the lease’s length. The minimum period for which you expect the renter to occupy your apartment should be outlined by the rental advertisement.

One parameter that is often used for marketing apartments is the location of the property. Many property owners sell their apartments for their best location. Your online advertisement must include state and city in which your apartment is located. Besides, specific location should also be mentioned along with what makes the location best for renting an apartment.

Whether utilities will be covered by the rent or not is also something to mention in the advertisement. However, if they are not included, you should try not to mention this point as nobody likes hearing anything that is not provided to them. It will have a negative impact on your advertisement if you will mention that the renters will have to pay for the utilities themselves.